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  • Building an online presence not only involves creativity but planning and
    structuring of a dream in the right manner to transform it into customized
    reality. With the help of project management tools such as JIRA, Kanban,
    Slack, and implementation of agile methodologies for your software
    development, Techlink Consulting provides a personalized, structured
    and focused approach for creating an online presence or software that
    represents you!

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Create Ease for Our Clients

By initiating, planning and effectively communicating with the stakeholders from the start to the end.

Smooth Project Execution

With the help of project management tools such as JIRA, Kanban and proper documentation

On-Time Delivery

Made possible by our highly competent and professional IT development team
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We are Techlink

The founder of Techlink Consulting Australia, Ridhima Young, completed her studies in Masters of Business Information Systems from Monash University, Melbourne, following which she entered the Australian workforce in the IT services sector. The professional journey in Melbourne acquainted her with high number of outsourced IT projectsand the issues that the companies are facing when collaborating with a different market and culture. She has successfully managed outsourced software projects for her ex-employers by initiating, planning, scoping, controlling and monitoring the progress, and effectively managing all the stakeholders by making use of the latest agile project management methodologies, tools and techniques such as Kanban, JIRA, SDLC, etc. and is also an active member of PMI Melbourne Chapter.
In collaboration witha team of developers and software project executors, who are highly qualified in JS Technology, and implementation of end-to-end project management,Techlink consulting Australia has been started with a vision to provide high quality, on-time product deliveries and creating an over-all satisfying experience.

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